Great Outdoors

If you love Outdoors activities, there are lots of things to do in North Devon.

There are miles of coastline from the boulders of Lynmouth on Exmoor, all the way to the golden sands of multiple award winning Westward Ho beach. Exmoor is a huge expanse of open space. Whether you are climbing, kayaking, walking, running, or riding, Exmoor is sure to deliver a challenging experience. If that’s what you are looking for.

Outdoors Activities in North Devon


Surfing is a huge feature in North Devon and attracts many visitors throughout the year. From beginners to the more competent, North Devon offers conditions for any level.

There are numerous surf locations throughout North Devon, with differing conditions. From world class Croyde Beach, to the more manageable surf at Saunton, Putsborough and Woolacombe.

Surf conditions vary throughout the year. Summer is more manageable and more suitable for beginners. There are easy waves available during the autumn and winter months at some of the more secluded beaches and coves. During winter the surf can be massive, and the wind is often strong.

The sea temperature during summer is about 16-18 degrees, so a 3mm wetsuit is fine. Dropping to a low of about 7 or 8 degrees during the winter months, a 5mm wetsuit with boots, gloves, and a hoody should see you through.

There are plenty of surf hire shops and surf schools around the North Devon coastline.  Each with friendly and approachable staff, ready to advise on surf conditions, tides and the best equipment and location for you, whether it be Croyde, Saunton, Woolacombe, Putsborough or Westward Ho!


There are many other sea based activities to take part in. Hire a Kayak, cruise along the coastline, and marvel at the unique perspective which kayaking offers.

Hele Bay, near Ilfracombe, has an easy access launch site, where you can unload the kayak right onto the beach.

Lee Bay also offers fairly easy access, and is especially beautiful during the summer months, with it’s ancient wooded valley running down to the beach.

There are plenty of other good kayak locations, just give us a call, or send us an email and we will be happy to advise.

Before you enter the sea, at any location, please make sure you are 100% confident with what you are doing, and with yourself, and that you have sought sound advice from a local expert. For example, you could seek advice from the local lifeguards or coast guard, or a local surf shop.

If you are unsure of, say, the tide, or weather conditions, please, don’t enter the sea.


During the summer months bass are available and mackerel are running. You can’t beat a BBQ with your own freshly caught produce and a nice cool drink. There are numerous locations to fish around the North Devon coastline, off of the beaches and the rocks.

Pop into the local fishing tackle shop and find out where the best spots are. You will also likely find sound advice at one of the local surf shops as many local surfers fish during the summer months when the waves can go flat.

Don’t forget the numerous rivers, lakes and reservoirs, which will all be stocked with fish. Many river locations will require a license or permission.


Coasteering is a great way to get up close and personal with the North Devon coastline. Many activity centres offer coasteering now, including the surf schools. Trained staff will guide you around rocks and gullies, swim across stretches of water and jump off of rocks into the swirling, crashing sea.

It is an exciting and fun way to spend a few hours, keeping fit, and getting to know the coastline more intimately! Jumping off rocky ledges into the sea and being washed around gullies is exhilarating. All the while being watched over by experienced professionals with the best safety equipment, which includes helmets and life jackets.

Croyde has a fantastic coasteering route from the beach out to Baggy Point.

Horse Riding

If you are a keen horse rider there are miles of long sandy beaches to gallop along, or trot, depending on your mood.

At low tide, Saunton beach is a massive expanse of flat sand, stretching for miles, due south. The southern end is usually empty with plenty of space to have a care free gallop.

There are also numerous fantastic countryside based rides along the miles of bridleways and byways, crisscrossing  the beautiful Devon countryside.

Why not book a ride on enchanting Exmoor and really get away from it all. The are many stables to choose from, if you have any questions please feel free to send us an email.


There are many tracks and paths available for the cyclists including miles of quiet country lanes.

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to experience North Devon. You can miss the sounds, smells and sights travelling in a car. Riding a bicycle offers the opportunity to access the hidden parts of North Devon, those old roads and tracks, off limits to vehicles.

You are more likely to see a rare bird, or other shy animals, exploring by bike. The Tarka Trail has been specifically created for cyclists of all levels, as such is an easy ride, for the most part.

With many cafes, pubs and shops along the route it makes for fantastic family day out. There are plenty of bicycle hire centres available throughout North Devon. Which make one of the great outdoors activities.


There are a good selection of golf Courses in North Devon, ranging from the beautiful championship links golf course at Saunton Golf Club, to the short course at Willingcott Driving Range. There is a golf course available to suit most moods and/or skill.

These are just some of the activities on offer in North Devon.

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